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Help us Digitize Live Auditions!

Hi folks! My name is Stephen C. Kallas. I am a professional actor and the owner of SpikemarK Products.

My team, along with the advisement of many industry professionals, are working to create a platform to modernize and digitize the current live audition system as we know it. 


As it stands, actors in New York alone, collectively spend roughly $1.8 million printing headshots and resumes for auditions; of which a majority end up in the trash post-audition (not very eco-friendly). We also waste countless hours waiting around hoping to be seen at auditions. Furthermore, we rarely receive notification of casting decisions or are given feedback. 


But what if this did not need to be the case? What if there was a solution to fix all of these problems and then some? 


Introducing the Audition Casting Experience App or A.C.E. App!


Our brand-new app will create a system that will fully digitize the audition experience; allowing for a quick and easy audition process between Actors, Monitors, and Casting Directors. 


We aim to digitize the entire live audition system from start to finish to not only save time and money but reduce our environmental impact as well!


A.C.E. App features include:

  • Rapid QR Code Check-in

  • Audition Sign-up and Progress Tracking

  • Digital profiles (headshots, resumes, performance videos, etc.)

  • Self-Reporting of Demographics (i.e. height, weight, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.)

  • Control of Visibility of Self-Reported Demographics

  • Casting Decision Notifications 

  • and so much MORE!


Everything is in place to create this amazing new system, but we need your help! 


The entire app is ready but professional custom app building is not cheap! As a small business, we just simply do not have the capital to solely finance the project by ourself. That is why we are turning to the industry en mass. We ask that you donate what you can to help get A.C.E. App up and running. 


Please help us reach our goal and get this industry-changing innovation to the finish line! 


-Stephen C. Kallas

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