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  • CustomCuts

    Have an audition cut you want made?

    Already have one Frankenstein-ed together?

    Accompanists confused by the notation?

    Have not fear, SpikemarK's Custom Cuts are here!

    Want an audition cut made from scratch, edited/optimized or just simply cleaned-up? We can do that! We create personalized custom audition cuts for each person. Whether it is simply separating the cut from the existing sheet music or creating brand new cuts from scratch, we got your back!


    Just provide us the name of the song, who it's by/which version and a Link to a GoogleDrive FOLDER of your current sheet music and/or photos of the sheet music denoting your cut.


    If you do not already have the sheet music, please select the "No music" option.


    *We reserve the right to contact you via the email/phone number provided to discuss and clarify any questions in regards to your CustomCuts*

    • Returns/Exchanges

      No returns or exchanges.

    • Production Timeframe

      Timeframe is dependant on the length and complexity of the audition cut as well as the availability/backlog of our music team.

    PriceFrom $4.95